Vader Streams IPTV

The Internet Protocol TeleVision or, IPTV, is the fact of accessing television channels with internet. This allows you to have access to television on your computer or smartphone.

Vader Streams IPTV offers a large selection of IPTV TV channels broadcast over the Internet. This international television service is broadcast via an IPTV video streaming with a very high speed connection, and accessible anywhere in the world. Simply connect your IPTV receiver (provided by Vader Streams IPTV or hardware compatible with our IPTV system) to your Internet modem (with WIFI or cable) and start watching your favorite IPTV packages on your TV without a satellite dish, whatever your geographical location on earth!

The IPTV solution allows you to have IPTV channels that are not in the coverage of your satellite area, you can be in Europe and watch Sports that are on Nilesat, or be in Asia and watch the French channels.

Why choose Vader Streams IPTV?

1. Ease of use, no satellite dish required

With the Vader Streams IPTV solution, no need for satellite installation in your home, our boxes are easy to use, hook up on the Internet, connect the cable TV and start enjoying the new dimension of leisure with more than 30 bunches of television and a huge Video on Demand library containing the latest movies and series of the year.

2. Wide choice of IPTV channels

With our IPTV Box, you can access TV channels that are not in your Satellite coverage. From the encrypted bouquets on Astra, Hotbird, you can access the channels of other satellites such as Nilesat, Hispasat etc …

3. No Freezing or buffering

Unlike sharing servers, our solution is technically more stable since you will receive the video stream directly from your home, avoiding the cleavage of other technologies that are based on card sharing.

4. Technical support IPTV 24/24 7/7

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Vader Streams IPTV is currently the largest supplier of French and international IPTV channels on the market. Vader Streams IPTV offers all the US, Canda, UK, French IPTV channels, Belgian, Swiss, Italian, German and Arab TV. The list of IPTV bouquets continues to grow, with each addition, you will find the new channels directly in your IPTV device without any necessary intervention on your part.
The IPTV box provided by Vader Streams IPTV is also a platform for entertainment and entertainment, a wide choice of films and series will be available in the section VOD (Video On Demand) in IPTV too.

Vader Streams IPTV is compatible with a multitude of IPTV devices and operating systems:

  • PC windows IPTV
  • Android IPTV devices (via our application provided once you place your order)
  • The majority of Enigma 2 satellite receivers (the IPTV plugin is provided after order)
  • The IPTV MAG (250 – 254 – 260 etc …)
  • The TrueVision IPTV box

Discover our subscriptions

Several bouquets available, VOD, Series, Replay, SD, HD, FHD, UHD.

TEST 36 hours

Ask for an IPTV test of 48 Hours only at 4 € to test our iptv server to realize your own stability!

No buffering or stuttering

Redundant network connections with 10 Gbps bandwidth allows fast data transmission!

Advanced IPTV Server

No space for dishes and antennas? Do not worry. Buy IPTV is there to help you without additional hardware

High quality streaming

Our INFRASTRUCTURE ensures data security AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL. You can watch your channels without interruption 24 hours a day!

Here you will find an answer to all your questions about Vader Streams IPTV.

What is the speed of my Internet connection needed for IPTV?

The speed differs depending on the quality of the video. For HD quality the recommended minimum is 8 Mbps, for SD quality the minimum is 2 Mbps.

Will IPTV work where I live?

Absolutely, our service only requires an Internet connection to work, or you are on the ground.

I can not watch Vader IPTV buffering or freezing

You must have 5 Mbps or more as download speed on our servers. Your actual speed can be checked on

Can I watch Vader Streams IPTV simultaneously on different devices?

No, in this case, you must obtain additional access for each device on which you want to watch multiple channels simultaneously.

Do you have an IPTV playlist?

No, by measure of security Vader Streams IPTV does not provide a playlist. You can only use our IPTV plugin and IPTV application developed by us.

How can I have your IPTV channels on KODI (former XBMC)?

  • First, you must install KODI, whose download link will be provided once you place your order. We will also send you our IPTV compatible plugin.
  • Open KODI to access System -> Settings -> Add-ons
  • Choose Install from zip file and search for downloaded zip (which we have provided)
  • To activate your access, please open a support request from your customer area.

Can I watch Vader Streams IPTV on Android / iOS Smart Phone?

Yes, IPTV Vader is compatible with any android device and iOS via our Android / iOS application. Just install it and open a request for assistance in order to have your access.

Can I share my IPTV access with my family

When the system detects sharing (watch simultaneously), your account will be banned without notice until 24 hours (to allow you to change the password) and next time forever.