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Epicstream IPTV subscription comes with over 5000 TV channels. Epicstream IPTV Works on ALL TELEVISIONS with an IPTV receiver, or with the following 2 brands in Smart TV.

Smart tv Samsung or LG, by downloading a Smart STB application, SMARTemu, IPTV Smarter, or Smart IPTV for 2 Subscriptions that we have, Basic or Super. Also works with Android, Pc, Tablet, Smartphone.

Browse, discover and experience the best IPTV on Epicstream IPTV:

Watch your favorite TV content on Epicstream IPTV, consult the TV guide or search programs that you like per category. Browse through all programs, both live and postponed, in your options and in the movie catalog. Your recordings within reach: programming, watch & watch further, via ‘my videos’. See which channels are available in your region.

Everything you want to see on Epicstream IPTV:

Easily find the programs that suit you, thanks to our personal recommendations. Your unique TV experience (Live, replay or TV options) is based on what you like: only for you!

Epicstream IPTV: Always and everywhere

Access to all your TV content and more, anywhere you go, On your television, via the decoder or Chromecast with the Epicstream IPTV app. On your mobile devices, with the Epicstream IPTV app.

Epicstream IPTV Technology:

IPTV brings together two worlds: IP technology and television. A revolutionary symbiosis between two very different specializations. At a time when there was only analog television, the concepts of IP and TV never met. Traditional television used a coaxial network for the transfer of analog TV signals. The limited resolution of analog television has motivated the search for a better alternative. In the early 1990s, digital television entered the market. This digitization has led to the broadcast of TV signals over the Internet, like any other digital data. The convergence of these two universes has set in motion unlimited interactivity and opened up possibilities that were inconceivable with analog television.

IPTV can be seen as a set of multimedia services, such as television, video, audio, data, etc. managed in order to meet the highest requirements in terms of service, interactivity, security and reliability. IPTV also offers a range of other possibilities with additional software to make them happen. This software is also called “middleware”. Middleware is a user interface based on a browser. This middleware provides access to IPTV services via a PC or a set-top box with web browser. This software is fully customizable.

What do I have to do to make my playlist work with the smart iptv app on my TV.

SmartIPTV is an app for LG, Android Smart TVs, Samsung, and more.
You have to have the mac address of your TV at hand then we go to:
enter your mac address here and the playlist url you received in your email then press upload. Restart the app on TV and you have all channels, vod, series etc with program guide.

What are the best apps and where can I find them?

Which APP can I best use for IPTV?
Which app you can use best is a matter of taste and expectations. If you want a simple app where you can view the Video On Demand separately from the Live Streams, then the xtream go app is recommended for your mobile. If you especially want to be able to change channels quickly, and you like an overview like you have with a portal, you can use SmartIPTV APP on your TV. If you already use Kodi for your film or music collection, you can also set the IPTV in Kodi. Or simply upload the playlist to your PC in VLC.

IPTV Smarters Pro:

The IPTV app for our system is available for android and apple devices.
Setting up is fairly simple.
1. You give the portal a name
2. Enter your username and password that we have sent you via email.
3. Enter the xtream portal address: http://live.iptvtotaal.com:8000
4. After that you are in the main menu and you can immediately see if you want a program guide you can press epg download in the app.
For Android Devices: Google Play Store
For Apple TVOS and Mobile Devices: Apple Store

SmartIPTV App

The SmartIPTV APP available for Android (is no longer in the Google Playstore) LG Smart TV, LG Web OS, Samsung Smart TV and Samsung Tizen. This app for your TV is free to use for 7 days, after which you need to activate it with them for a small amount.
The app is very stable super fast and you have an EPG program guide.

Download Link SIPTV APK (Android TV): SmartIPTV.apk
Installation Instructions: Smart IPTV Instructions
Activation of SIPTV APP: Smart IPTV Activation
Upload from M3U: Smart IPTV Upload


Kodi is a complete package for all you movies and music and live TV files.
In kodi you can easily load your playlist or download addons to do this.
For years, Kodi has been one of the best all-in-one media centers and available for most devices. There are also ready-made boxes with kodi for sale.
Download Page: Kodi Downloads

VLC for PC:

VLC has been the best and simple player for your PC without frills for years.
Download Link: VLC

Mobile Players Android Other:
Perfect Player
MX Player
VLC for Android

What can you do with an IPTV box?

An IPTV box makes it possible to watch IPTV without Smart TV. You simply connect the box with your internet connection and television. Of course you can also use an IPTV box if you have a Smart TV.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is a technique whereby the television signal is sent via the IP protocol instead of in the traditional way via, for example, COAX cables. If you think that IPTV is therefore only used on the internet, then you are wrong: IPTV is used a lot by ADSL and Fiber-optic providers, but then on a shielded network, separate from the internet. So a special network is created that only the IPTV traffic passes over. In this way the required bandwidth is guaranteed. However, IPTV can also be used by cable providers via COAX. It is a protocol that you can send through anywhere, as long as IP traffic is possible.

What makes Epicstream IPTV so interesting?

With an IPTV box and a subscription with an IPTV provider you can watch thousands of channels for a few tens a year, including the paid (sports) channels and many adult channels. The only thing that you need besides the box and the subscription is an internet connection. An expensive TV subscription is therefore unnecessary. Are you going on vacation? Then simply take your IPTV box with you and connect it to your holiday address, provided there is an internet connection of course.