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Setvnow IPTV is Aimed at US, Canada, and UK viewers! The best sports channels in FullHD, ultimate image and sound quality! Watch the best of premium Tv content in FullHD and also the sports channels from UK / BE / DE / USA / TR / etc, enjoy every match with the sharpest image and sound as if you were in the stadium yourself!

Set TV IPTV VOD : Thousands of Movies and TV shows:

The best film channels and vod films of the moment: Do you feel like watching a nice movie on the couch then we have the full range of movie 1 channels for you and 1000+ rag movies and series. This offer is updated weekly.

Set TV now: Comaptible with most devices

We have 2 types of accounts when ordering you can indicate whether you want a m3u playlist or whether you work with a box such as a MAG, Enigma2 with stalker portal or samsung or lg smart tv with the smart iptv app that can connect to our portal for this you enter the mac address of the relevant box. If you do not enter a mac address you will receive an m3u playlist file that works on almost all devices such as vlc on your pc or mobile. For mobile there is also a mobile app called IPTV Smarters Pro for android and apple!

24/7 support: We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We really care about your hobby as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support through our dedicated support center.

World Wide Access: Your TV or wherever you are, all you need is Wi-Fi or 3g / 4g … And we change the rest.

99.99% Stable: To satisfy you, IPTV Royal guarantees a stable and fast service thanks to our IPTV network based on a large number of local channels and the best sharing servers in the world.

Set TV is the best IPTV Subscription you can enjoy, One-click setup. Watch global channels using IPTV technology. Everything you need, a box compatible with IPTV serivce, an internet connection, and We take care of the rest. Efficiency to meet your needs. Evolve the streaming business niche globally with IPTV technology. Monotonically iterating local channels for excellent and better reception Dramatically broadcast

Unlimited access! All in one ! get full access, without any restrictions or additional fees; Global channels, PPV A la Carte, VOD, Series…

24/7 Customer Support: We really care about your hobby as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support through our dedicated support center.

Set TV IPTV is currently the largest supplier of IPTV channels from U.S, UK, Canadian, European and International Cable TV providers and VOD films on the market. more than 3000 HD / SD / 3D channels for all your devices (IPTV on PC, IPTV tablet, IPTV smartphone, IPTV Smart TV, IPTV MAG, IPTV ENIGMA2, IPTV SPARK…)

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Set TV The IPTV Leader service worldwide:

Get immediate access to your favorite programs on any device: PC, iOS, Android, Enigma, VLC, KODI etc;
and only needing a simple internet connection Get 24 hours free IPTV trial To test our IPTV Server. We provide all IPTV channels which you need

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IPTV subscription plans that meet your needs …More than 15,000 IPTV and VOD channels on your SmartPhones, computers, IPBOX, Smart TV No disconnection, no freeze, no down system, everything you need 4g connection or wifi.

Why join our Setvnow IPTV server?

We are authentic, reliable and stable IPTV providers. We are an independent commercial enterprise which distributes a superior quality of OTT / IPTV decoders and Middleware systems. We broadcast and distribute consumer entertainment programs via Smart TVs, Smartphones and set-top boxes: Video On Demand, Films, TV Series, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Live Events, Children’s Shows, Music and much more! We offer a free trial to allow our customers to test before making a payment. Get your free trial to test our Setvnow IPTV server and see for yourself!

Superior technical support

Thousands of happy customers keep coming back because of the quality of our technical support service. We pride ourselves on the high quality technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Register today.

What is IPTV?

IPTV, Internet Television Protocol, is a system by which television services are delivered using the suite of Internet protocols over a packet-switched network such as a local area network or the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable TV formats.

What devices do you support?

We support all types of devices such as:
Android Smart Phone
Android boxes
DreamBox, Vu +,…
personal computer
VLC, Kodi / XBMC,…
Smart TV

Is the quality of the servers good?

Video quality is good to very good. Internet speed is required from 5 mb, but 10 mb is recommended … the more you have, the better. If you are not satisfied with the price and quantity … we suggest your cable operator, they have a better structure.

Can I use two subscriptions at the same time?

You can install a subscription on two or more media, but only one Flux will run at the same time. For better use of the IP TV service In order to obtain better use of the IPTV service, it is first of all necessary to ensure the quality of the service provided by the IPTV provider as well as the performance of its equipment (servers, box, etc.) and the reliability of the links used (For example, streaming a chain requires 1 Mega).

The IPTV service also depends on the chosen bit rate as well as the distance or length of the ADSL line which generates an attenuation rate. This rate, expressed in decibels (dB), reflects the weakening of the signal depending on the distance and the quality of the wiring. The lower the attenuation, the better the flow.

Thus, to benefit from a good IP TV experience, you need a minimum bit rate with a maximum attenuation not to be exceeded. Minimum recommended speed: 8 Mb / s (dedicated only for IP TV) Maximum attenuation of 26 dB

To have an efficient connection you must:

  • Connect the box directly to the modem by cable and not by Wifi in order to avoid interference and guarantee better connectivity.
  • Avoid plugging the modem into a power strip to limit the risk of electromagnetic disturbances generated by electrical devices.
  • IPTV requires a flow of 8 mega minimum, in order to guarantee this speed with ADSL technology, it is advisable to subscribe to the Smart ADSL 12 Mega or 20 Mega offer, in order to guarantee better quality for the service IPTV.

What is IPTV already? So it means “Internet Protocol Television”, which means to put it simply, protocol for watching Internet TV, basically that’s it. IPTV therefore works with an Internet connection. And the more you have a fast ADSL or FIBER connection, the better the image quality. But here you tell yourself that you already have Internet TV with your Freebox or TV Box etc … Well it’s almost the same thing, the 2 go through your connection. The difference comes from the programs which are communicated to you as well as the television channels. For those who know it’s the same as video streaming …

Equipment for watching Setvnow IPTV

The advantage with this system is that there is a whole lot of watching TV. For example your emails, you can see them on your smartphone, on your TV, on your tablet, on your Box etc … Well IPTV is the same! Suddenly, this protocol works on a lot of support, but it is not that simple. To use it you need a compatible software or application. There are SmartTV, Kodi, ES PRO … Most of them are free but sometimes paid. It is generally not worth buying. You will find them on stores like Google Play, Apple Store etc …

Going back to the hardware, so yes it works just as well on a TV, as on a PC or Smartphone. You choose.