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IPTV, but what is it?

This is a diminutive for Internet Protocol TeleVision.
This is a technology to view TV from an Internet connection. So finish the rake antennas, the channels you have to look for in the menu of your TV.
It’s simple: plug in, connect, and look!

The advantages are numerous: quality adapted to your connection, access to all the chains of the world, unlimited VOD …

Nitro IPTV is the reference site for IPTV

We offer you the best IPTV subscriptions at the best price. So take a ride and join the Nitro IPTV community. Nitro IPTV welcomes you to the fabulous world of IPTV. Indeed, you will discover a world of chains, original programs and magical events … All thanks to our unbeatable offer of subscriptions!

What do we propose?

Nitro IPTV puts the technology at your disposal. We advise and guide you in the effective implementation of your IPTV subscription, so you can immediately benefit from your favorite and expected programs.

You are rather cocooning, and evenings movies / series? No worries, we offer all the movies and series of the moment thanks to our (very) rich catalog of VOD (more than 5000 titles), and the most famous movie channels (French and foreign).

How it works ?

It is very simple…

First, you need a subscription. They are available in our online store, by clicking HERE.
Then you choose the support that corresponds to your hardware (Smart TV, Android Box, Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac ..).

After your purchase, we send you an explanatory mail in which a personal code (or a playlist link) is sent to you. According to your application (Smartiptv, SS IPTV etc …), 2 stages are proposed:
Just follow the 2 steps of the mail … And enjoy!
It’s as simple as that … Yes, yes …

Subscriptions validity

Rest assured: ALL subscriptions are fully functional and valid for 1 year!

Test before buying anything

Test our IPTV servers for 24 Hours for free, get started! We will refund you if it does not suit your needs.

Secure payment servers

100% of our transactions are secure in addition to our site … So pay without fear!
In addition, be aware that we do not keep any confidential data, absolutely none! Normal since we do not have access.

IPTV subscription: How to choose the best service provider?

Today there are many ways to watch TV. The reception of typical aerial cable channels is still very popular, but technologies such as satellite, optical cable and Internet streaming are also emerging.

One variant that promises a lot is IPTV or IPTV. Before the Internet, people had to stream content to their TV screens using antennas that took a lot of effort to set up. And if the antenna bent even a little, you wouldn’t be able to access the channels.

You will learn what IPTV is, how it works, the benefits of using IPTV subscription, and how to choose the best IPTV service, the best provider and the best IPTV subscription.
What is IPTV?

IPTV is the abbreviation for “Internet Protocol Television”. This means that the television arrives through an IP address, that is, through the Internet.

Simply put, it is a way to transmit TV online, but different from that used by popular streaming platforms, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

How does Nitro IPTV work ?

Nitro IPTV transmits TV channels on demand to a specific IP address. The main feature is that the IPTV subscription reserves part of the bandwidth of the Internet connection to the television. In other words, if you have a 100 Mbps internet connection, the IPTV connection can use 30 or 40 Mbps for itself. You can only use the remaining 60 or 70 Mb for your needs. If you are not using TV channels, this bandwidth for IPTV is reserved.

IPTV creates a private and direct network between the operator and the user, so that it can technically function even without the user connecting to the Internet, while the router and set-top box are on.

The company providing the IPTV subscription must have dedicated servers that provide high-speed streaming, and special software to compress the video and send it to the requested IP address. On the other hand, the user needs a special decoder that receives this video, decompresses and decodes it, and displays it on the television or screen.


The main advantage of using Nitro IPTV for the user is obvious: as you reserve part of the bandwidth only for IPTV in direct connection with the video servers, you will always receive the picture with the best quality. , whether you have connected many mobiles, computers, consoles, etc. And since most operators have dedicated high-speed IPTV servers, even if the overall network is congested, you will still receive high quality video if you go for a good IPTV subscription, or even the best IPTV subscription in France and Europe with secure payment via ¨Paypal.

It is therefore the best option if you want to receive Internet TV with maximum definition, without cuts or blurring.

In addition, the decoder used with the IPTV subscription may offer some extras, such as the ability to record up to a week of programs or rewind a live program. Since all access is personalized for each IP address, it is easier and more immediate to purchase specific content, whether it is a movie or individual chapters of a series.

IPTV solved all of these problems by allowing the user to stream content anywhere and on any device with an Internet connection. It revolutionized the way you see digital content. You can find out more in our section “How it works”.

If you are planning to switch to IPTV, we recommend that you opt for the 12-month Premium IPTV subscription offered by our specialist agency, which has more than 5000 subscribers in several years of experience in the field of digital television.

Support for multiple devices

Before choosing an IPTV provider, check if they support multiple devices at the same time. Chances are, you aren’t buying a TV connection for yourself. You may need to visit their website or contact their support for more information.

The information is usually listed on their app on the Play Store or on the IPTV subscription website, so you can check this before continuing.

Some IPTV providers may include support for multiple devices as an add-on. So you can find out about that as well.