ACE IPTV offers iptv subscription with: All the channels “In IPTV SUBSCRIPTION” French, Swiss channels, German channels, Arab channels iptv arabic, UK channels,HOLAND, PORTUGAL, TURKISH, USA channels, CANADA channels, AFRICAN channels … VOD : films & series ARABIC – FRENCH – ENGLISH. Ace IPTV works with SMART IPTV, KODI, ANDROID IPTV, ENIGMA2 IPTV,

Regular updates for TV Channels and VOD content:

The list of CHANNELS AND VOD does not stop increasing, every day, you will find the new channels directly in your smart tv or IPTV device, without any intervention necessary on your part.

Comaptible with most devices:

ACE IPTV is compatible with THE ENIGMA2 BOX // Android devices // IOS devices // PC: KODI, VLC // SMART IPTV // M3U // VU + // The majority of Enigma 2 satellite receivers // MAG (250 – 254 – 260 etc …) // XTREAM …

With ACE IPTV, you no longer need a satellite dish, add the ACE IPTV code to your smart tv, iptv box or pc and start enjoying the new dimension of leisure with more than 2,600 TV channels and Videos on Demand containing the latest films and series of the year.


Unlike what other servers offer, our solution is technically more stable since you will receive the stream directly at home, thus avoiding the cuts and slowness that are based on sharing iptv streams.

Technical SUPPORT

Technical and commercial support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. by Email, phone, ticket, skype, whatsapp and chat.

Required internet speed for ACE IPTV:

The speed differs depending on the quality of the video. For HD quality the minimum recommended is 8 Mbps, for SD quality the minimum is 2 Mbps.

Can I watch ACE IPTV on SmartPhone Android or ios?

Yes, ACE IPTV is compatible with all android and ios devices with the m3u link.

How do I order my ACE IPTV subscription?

The procedure is very simple, just choose the “ACE IPTV” pack that suits you and click on the “ORDER” button, you will be redirected to the page for recording the validation of the order.

48 Hours IPTV Free Test

Request a Free 48 Hour IPTV Test to test our iptv server to see for yourself how stable it is!

Ace IPTV Features:

Smooth streaming without freezing and downtime:

Our INFRASTRUCTURE in Europe ensures data security AT THE HIGHEST level. You can watch your channels 24 hours a day without interruption!

Advanced IPTV Server

Redundant network connections with 10 GBITE bandwidth allows fast data transmission! High bandwidth – stable IPTV streaming. WE ALWAYS TRY TO BRING YOU INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. Buy your IPTV has a very strong infrastructure in terms of hardware and bandwidth. Our highly qualified professionals are always ready to help you.


We support MAG, Android, iOS,
XBMC / KODI, Enigma, PC,
Smart TV and more …


Incredible channel zapping time
about 0.5 seconds!


Powerful servers and load balancers across Europe.


24/7/365 support, forum and ticket system.

Pay as you go

We accept MasterCard, VISA and Discover. And it doesn’t matter where we are because we also accept bitcoins. Very stable and immediately available IPTV service with the best support on the market. Our customer service provides online help for your needs. We can provide you with all formats of playlists from our server. If you own Samsung or LG Smart TV, we strongly recommend that you use the SMART STB app instead of the Smart IPTV app. We can also activate your subscription during your test phase. You will no longer need a box.

Take the Ace TV app with you anywhere you go:

Download a free app from the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store and start streaming on your smartphones and tablets.

Supports Streaming applications

If you want to watch your IPTV on your PC, the VLC player is the simplest and most used app for Windows and iOS devices. You can also use it as an Android version on your mobile devices.

If you are not a computer professional, Perfect Player would be a good option for you. The installation and use of this application is very user-friendly. You cannot use a catch-up function with this app. For the EPG, please request the additional URL for the EPG from our customer service.

You will find many apps for your iOS devices, but if you are looking for a free and high quality app for iPhone and iPad, we strongly recommend installing the GSE player. Android users can also install it on their mobile devices. Installation is very easy with a playlist URL that you receive from us.

If you have a Samsung or LG Smart TV, this app replaces your Smart IPTV app or a box connected to your TV. No hardware required! And very easy to install from your TV’s apps. The remote control of your TV also helps you navigate through our live channels and videos

A MAG box is a set-top box from Infomir for streaming media to your TV. You can also play offline media files from a storage device via the USB port. … It allows you to connect to remote servers to watch live TV or stream VOD movies. Enigma is a multimedia satellite device for streaming IPTV, SAT and recordings of the stream content.


Support the latest versions of media players and streaming devices with a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to watch IPTV on any device, anywhere.

What is iptv

With Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), television programs and films are transmitted using the Internet Protocol.
In contrast, the transmission channels are cable TV, DVB-T or satellite. IPTV is a generic term that occurs in many different forms.
The various forms range from simple IPTV to computers or mobile phones to certain devices where the user does not notice that they are using the Internet because they are using the TV set-top box such as Apple TV or T-Home media receivers 300 is operated.

What bandwidth do I need to stream iptv?

Our IP TV streams use the latest H264 technology and offer the best compression and quality.
The size is approx. 1 MBit / s, flickering may occur when changing channels, therefore SD 2 MBit / s and HD streams 3.5 MBit are required.

Which devices are compatible?

– MAG (After Stalker 5.2, you must install STB EMU)
– Android smart phone
– Android boxes
– Enigma
– DreamBox, Vu +, …
– PC
– VLC, Kodi / XBMC, …
– Smart TV
– Apple TV / MAC / Iphone

How are the updates done?

You will receive a personal link with which you can keep your transmitter up to date. We always recommend a LAN connection for streaming. You can of course also use Wi-Fi, but there is a signal interference factor, e.g. Walls, doors, rain etc.

Use in a different IP address

Please only use our streams for one IP. If the account is used simultaneously via different IPs, the account is blocked. Reactivation is not possible. Simultaneously stream on other devices.please only use it for one device at a time. The account will be blocked if it is used at the same time.

Convert to m3u or m3u to mag

If you book for the mag and the box is broken after some time, then you should get a new one and send us the old and new MAC number so that we can transfer it. M3u to Enigma, Dreambox, Smart TV or Vu can be done without hesitation.