Shack IPTV

Are You Looking For An IPTV Subscription Stable And Cheap? Shack TV IPTV premium TV provider for quality content from the best broadcasters in USA, UK and Europe. Try Shack IPTV, we offer the best servers and options as well as HD and SD channels that do not freeze so that our customers can enjoy our IPTV services. COMPLETELY ENCRYPTED CONNECTIONS FOR YOUR TOTAL PRIVACY

Fast zapping time

Fast zapping is an option that allows you to cache the memory of the previous channel and the next channel of the one you are watching, which will give you access in a fraction of a second. We have an amazing Channel Zapping Time, about 0.5 seconds!


We have more than 100 reliable and stable server with more than 30 servers to back up. You do not need to worry about the stability of the server which will ensure you a better quality when viewing channels & vod in HD without cuts

Customer service

We have a large team to accompany you throughout your subscription, installation assistance, activation, technical concerns … 24/7 support services by email, whatsapp.

Why You Need  a Shack IPTV Subscription?

Shack IPTV is the largest supplier of French and international IPTV channels on the market. First, it offers you the ability to watch your favorite channels on your device anywhere you need internet access. IPTV is an alternative to conventional cable services, which only requires internet access, so it’s time to move away from cable.

Best quality

With over 4000 HD channels and 8000 1080p VOD, many sports, entertainment and movie channels from around the world. access from everywhere. All you need is a 3G or 4G connection or a high speed ADSL connection, Fiber to connect to Shack TV IPTV and enjoy broadcasts

Large Choice of channels at affordable prices

Subscription so cheap with over 4000 channel! So what are you waiting for? Nobody can beat our rates. It’s more than affordable!

Shack TV IPTV Compatible with all devices

Shack TV IPTV can be installed in any device ! MAG Boxes, Android Boxes & Smartphones, Smart TVs, Windows / Linux / MAC (Laptop / Desktop PC)

The Reason To Buy A Shack TV IPTV Subscription?

If you are worried about paying (encrypted) satellite channels that can be too expensive and unbearable to pay a fee each month. Why you have to pay for each bouquet to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online.

With Shack IPTV by your side you have the power to watch all the bouquet of French and international channels and your favorite movies online, IPTV has become much easier to install because we have a strong and experienced team and our subscription IPTV is affordable .

All you need to do is choose the length of your IPTV subscription and follow our instructions to install it either on your smartphone or on your Android Box and start enjoying live TV and video-on-demand difficulty and easily. We have the best IPTV service with a Premium Server with no downtime and Premium IPTV Subscription.

What you will find on our IPTV Subscriptions a wide choice of French and international channels. And even more channels with a Smart IPTV Premium that is compatible with your Samsung Smart TV, or LG smart TV, Android IPTV Box, our IPTV service offers the best streaming TV channels and is accessible everywhere on your TV and smartphone IP TV. Our IPTV program is compatible with all devices, contact only your device with WIFI or even 4G and start watching your favorite bouquets.