IPTV 66 is the best IPTV subscription that works directly in your samsung smart tv, or via an app in your apple tv with box and remote control.

IPTV66 The best Affordable IPTV subscription Provider:

  • TRY FOR FREE 24 HOURS: Try our service free of charge for 24 hours. It can’t be better! Contact us via chat and we will help you get started.
  • NORTH’S LEADING SUPPLIER OF IPTV in north America and Europe: We are not any IPTV provider. We deliver quality IPTV and are a leader in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe.
  • STREAM IPTV ON ALL YOUR DEVICES: Our service works on all modern devices such as Smart TV, Apple TV, Androidbox, Iphone, Smartphone, Ipad, Computers and much more. Contact us today and try out free IPTV!
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE 7 DAYS OF THE WEEK: Installation and support are included when you are a customer with us free of charge. Contact us via our “support chat”. Opening hours, Weekdays: 15:00 – 22:00 / Weekends 10:00 – 22:00
  • SERVERS OUTSIDE THE EU: Our servers are based outside the EU where both streaming and offshore hosting are legal, and our servers are completely diskless. No US authorities have jurisdiction there and we can promise you that your privacy is preserved. All traffic is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.
  • BEST QUALITY OF IPTV CHANNELS: Over 20,000 channels from all over the world as well as a lot of films and series VOD (video on demand). We also include PPV (pay-per-view) major live event matches. Sports – Movies – Comics – TV Shows – PPV – All in one place.

IPTV 66 Features:

  • This 12 month package is for you who are really serious.
  • You know what you want and what it will cost!
  • We have a massive selection for both adults and children.
  • You get a structured channel list directly on your TV via the Smart IPTV app.
  • We promise that you will be satisfied.
  • Buy this today and start watching world-class TV.
  • Support 24/7/365
  • Smart load balancing system to minimize interference
  • We have a dedicated Android App for you android devices and smart TVs
  • Don’t have the Smart IPTV app in your Smart TV? Send us an email and we will help you !!

How IPTV 66 works:

No other place will you get all US, UK, Canadian, and European channels for the same price as with us. best iptv, cheapest iptv, fastest iptv. Let’s explain how IPTV 66 works:

IPTV 66 Is a brand new way to watch TV. You do not need an antenna, no satellite dish or any other form of equipment. All you need is an internet connection of at least 30mbit / s to get you started. You can watch IPTV by connecting your SmartTV, Computer, Tablet, etc. The possibilities are endless


HOURS: Weekdays: 16:00 – 23:00 / Weekends: 10: 00-22: 00. Contact us today and we will help you get started directly through our chat. Our channel package is available for MAG Boxes, TViP S-Box, SmartTV (Samsung / LG / AndroidTV), PC / Mac, Mobile Phones and much more. Try our smart solutions for your desired device, and we promise you will be satisfied.

IPTV 66 rules:

Only one connection per account. You may not use your account on multiple devices at the same time, even if it is the same household. You can use multiple devices as long as it is never used at the same time.

Prohibited from sharing his account to friends, family etc

You are responsible for ensuring that your account does not fall into the wrong hands

NO favorite lists should be made, you always go through the country you want and start the channel from there.

Jumping too quickly between IP addresses is prohibited as this is not considered normal use

Restoring our channels is totally prohibited

Recording one channel while watching another channel is prohibited, as you use dual bandwidth and cause exactly the same damage to us as if you had watched two devices at the same time.

Do not use VPN as most VPN IPs are already blacklisted by us due to addictions. If you choose to use VPN you are responsible for this yourself and we cannot help you if your account is suspended due to abuse.

Get a free iptv trial account for 24 hours:

  • Only one application per household
  • DO NOT apply behind a VPN
  • Do NOT fill in the application form once more, but if it has become a mistake please email us and we will correct this.
  • The trial account is valid from the second you receive it in your Inbox, and 24 H forward. You are responsible for looking at your junk mail as it is very common for our mail to end up there. Do not search for a test account if you do not have time to use it, you will not receive anything later because you missed or did not have to use it. The bandwidth costs us money so please respect this.
  • Do NOT use single-use mail accounts, mailinator, fakemail generator, stromox, zainmax, zain and more.
  • Do not email us with inquiries about when your trial account will be completed

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

NOTE! For those of you who have ISPs that censor IPTV as a broadband provider please note that IPTV will never work 100% flawlessly for you. You need to change broadband companies.

What does it take to try your service?

All that is required is that you have internet connection.

How fast do I need the internet?

At least 8mbit / s for SD and at least 30mbit / s for HD & FULL HD. Our recommendation is that you have at least 30mbit / s for them to work clockwise.

Can I use my subscription to multiple devices?

Yes you can do that, you can connect your account on several different devices but only run one at a time. If you want to be able to use more at the same time, you need to buy either a twin account or a triplicate account. Contact us for price.

Can I bring my subscription or my box abroad to my vacation rental?

Yes absolutely, as long as you have an internet connection.

How do I place an order?

You contact us via Support-Chat and wait for any of us to respond. We will help you with payment details.

Which channels are included? What is included in the package?

Over 20,000+ TV channels & a lot of VOD Films (video on demand) are included for only SEK 1499 / year.

We have all US, UK, Canadian, and European channels (Cmore, Viasat, Sport, Discovery, Film and Entertainment) in one place. Only at Nordic IPTV

Free IPTV trial:

Free test IPTV 66 for 24 hours. For those of you who want to try our service, we offer a 24 hour free trial account. Go to settings in your SMART IPTV or NET IPTV app in your smart TV and send us your MAC address and we will send you a channel list. Very simple!

Only one test account per household.
Do NOT use VPN, you will not receive any account from us.
Check your spam, many of our emails are filtered there.
Please email us if you have any questions about a test account.
Test account is valid 24 hours after you received our email and not after you have used it.
Your free trial is processed and shipped within 12 hours.