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TVStreamsNow Features:

  • Thousands of channels: In TVStreamsnow we want to be sure that we cover all your favorite channels, with more than 5000, you will not be disappointed.
  • Multi Device Support: Whether you are at home, office or even traveling, we have it covered, you can watch your favorite TV channels on all your devices.
  • Full HD and 4K quality: Stop wasting your time searching for the other junk IPTV providers: we provide a true high definition experience and it is available on all your devices.

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TVStreamsNow: How does it work?

  • # 1 Sign up: Start by registering your account with us to get instant access to our iptv servers
  • # 2 Download: Download the correct application for your device on the applications page or in the store of your device
  • # 3 Look: With just one username and password you can start watching your favorite TV channels in seconds

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TVStreamsNow: The best of Cable TV content

TVStreamsnow, the best IPTV subscriptions provider in North America, U.S, Canada, and the UK TV channels, a wide variety of VOD in English, French, and Spanish and constantly updated content. We have Soccer, Moto Gp, Formula 1, Bulls, cinema, series, documentaries, children’s channels. TVStreamsNow is the best IPTV to enjoy the wide variety of channels in the U.S and UK.

More than 2,000 VOD: The best movies today and before. A perfect plan for movie lovers!

+ 6,500 Premium Iptv Channels: The best sports channels, programs, documentaries. Don’t miss what you like the most!

Iptv 24h FREE Trial: Try and enjoy our content.

Dashboard: Edit your playlist to your liking, removing unwanted content or countries and much more. Account status information, when it was created and when it expires.

Easy to setup and install: Set up and install your IPTV subscription easily on your favorite device. You have tutorials on our website to make the process quick and easy.

Updated Playlist: Do not worry about content updates. It is constantly updated and improved.

Multi-device support: Use your same account for any type of device, be it SMART TV, MAG, TV BOX, etc.

4K / HD / 3D image quality: IPTV subscription supports 3D, 4K, HD definitions

EPG (Programming Guide): Download the guide from your customer dashboard.


It is IPTV Internet Protocol Television. It is a digital service delivered to your television through a high speed internet connection (broadband). In TVStreamsNow PREMIUM IPTV service, the channels are encoded in IP format and sent to the TV through a decoder or smart device. TVStreamsNow IPTV PREMIUM service also includes video on demand (VOD) without the need for a VCD / DVD player. You do not need satellite antenna or similar facilities. You only need an Internet connection, to watch TV from anywhere. The internet connection speed should be at least 10 Mb for those of HD and greater than 15Mb for 1080p Full HD channels. It is recommended that the connection to the PREMIUM IPTV system be via ethernet cable.


Join TVStreamsnow, the best way to watch Iptv Television. TVStreamsNow works on Android TV boxes and FireStick: Private servers compatible with the largest number of devices. Android, Kodi, VLC, Mag, Smart Tv, Mobile, Tablets, Apple, IOS, Windows, Decoders or any device that supports IPTV. You do not need expensive facilities or antenna, just with your internet connection from any provider

IPTV COMPATIBLE WITH ANDROID, KODI, MAG, SMART TV, APPLE IOS, WINDOWS. Check your best option for the operation of TVStreamsnow. Follow our tutorials and find out about the apps available to put the IPTV service into operation

Required Equipment to play TVStreamsnow?

Apart from the traditional method of viewing it on a PC, there are several different ways to view TVStreamsnow services through your television: TV Box, Samart TV, IPTV Mag devices, Smartphone / Tablet, PC, Raspberry Pi, Playstation, Roku. The following televisions can also be used to access TVStreamsnow services: LG: NetCast, Panasonic: VieraCast, Sony: Bravia and most Smart TVs from Samsung.

Benefits of IPTV Technology:

More and more people watch TV online. This has made the term IPTV increasingly popular. A term that refers to the technology with which we can watch television via the internet as the name implies, Internet Protocol Television.

That is why this technology uses the TCP / IP protocol to send video and watch TV channels from any device connected to the internet. Taking into account the fact that the televisions themselves already have this option today, we are going to show this the best IPTV applications to watch internet TV on your smart TV.

One of the major benefits of this technology is that the content is sent with the highest possible quality, since the operator reserves part of the bandwidth for the service.

Moreover, the operator can offer more personalized services thanks to the transfer of data to customers’ IPs. That is, we can more easily and even enjoy channels or programs of our taste exclusive channels for us.

This reservation for bandwidth is something that does not exist in services such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video and other similar OTTs, therefore the data traffic generated by these services shares the bandwidth with the rest of the traffic.

Now this advantage of IPTV is a double-edged sword, because on the other hand this bandwidth reserve affects the speed at which we can navigate from any other device connected to the same network.

With all this clear, if we want to be able to enjoy streaming channels and programs on our Smart TV, we need to know that we have to rely on an application that allows us to play IPTV, m3u or m3u8 lists.

TVStreamsNow: The best IPTV applications for Smart TV

When using TVStreamsNow application that allows us to watch Internet TV, in streaming, it is important to know that the operating system of our Smart TV limits the use of certain applications. If we have a smart TV with Android TV operating system, the thing is fairly simple, while if the operating system is Tizen or Web OS, the thing changes.

In the case of a smart TV with Android TV operating system, the range is very wide, because we can find many IPTV applications to watch our favorite channels on the internet.

If we now have a smart TV with a different operating system, we also have different alternatives. The first is to search for applications of this type that we can find in any of the application stores of the associated platforms and install the one that best suits us.

Of course in this case we can determine that some do not work as we think or that they are paid. However, we can find some that we can install without problems and with which we can add channels or m3u lists.

But if we find nothing that is free or that we like how it works, we can always use a TV Box with Android TV or Amazon’s to own it. Fire Stick TV. In this type of device, we can find one of the following pre-installed applications, although we can also install the ones we like best to have them work later from the device itself and watch our favorite channels on the internet on our Smart TV.