PrimeStreams IPTV

PrimeStreams IPTV – The most affordable and Stable IPTV subscription provider. We have ALL channels +6500 from over 30 countries. Sports, Movies & Series are included. All this from 8 USD a month. All you need is an Internet connection. No IPTV Box needed! No hidden fees. Watch Your favorite sports channels on PrimeStreams IPTV. We broadcast all IPTV Channels in 4K (Ultra HD), Sports Channel, PPV, UFC, Motorsport, Golf, NHL, SHL, Champions League, Football and much more. We have the most stable IPTV service. Get a free trial code to try free IPTV and experience the difference.

Why Choose PrimeStreams IPTV

  • Free test: We strive to keep our customers satisfied all the time, Our goal is always to be the best IPTV provider. Therefore, the customer plays a big role in our business. Welcome and try us completely free of charge for 24 hours.
  • 99.9% lag-free: Experience world-class IPTV. Forget when filming / buffing. With us you are always online.
  • Compatible with most devices: Our IPTV service works on all streaming devices such as: Smart TV (LG / Samsung / Philips / Sony),
    Apple TV, Firetv stick, Formuler, IPhone, iPad / tablets, Android TV boxes, Nvidia Shield, Set of top boxes, Magbox, Smart TVs.
  • Most affordable prices: Thanks to our stable and modern servers, we can offer the best and cheapest prices.
  • + 6500 CHANNELS: Watch IPTV without antennas, cables or satellite dish. 1000’s of channels that you can see in the best quality.
  • Take your PrimeStreams IPTV wherever you go: Our services allow you to see where you want as long as you have internet connection.
  • SUPPORT 24/7: Since we have customers all over the world, we offer 24/7 support to existing customers.
  • UPTIME UP 99.9%: Our servers have an uptime of 99.9% no one can compare with us.
  • Free installation assistance: We offer free installation assistance to our customers.

Try PrimeStreams IPTV for 24 hours completely free:

PrimeStreams IPTV, as all leading IPTV providers, have chosen to limit the Test Account to 24 hours. All test periods are limited to 24 hours and stop working automatically. We have no binding times or hidden fees. If you wish to continue with our IPTV service after you have tried, please contact us in our live chat. We can offer you a free sample so you can feel if this is something for you. This is because we do not want any bad free samples, but people who can really think of paying for this if they are satisfied.

Only one sample account per household.
Do NOT use VPN, you will not receive any account from us.
Check your spam, many of our emails are filtered there.
We answer your question about a test account during our opening hours which is 07.00-22.00 every day.
Test account is valid 1 hour after you received our mail, and not after you have used it.
The 1 hour test is processed and sent out within a maximum of 2 hours.

Please abide by the rules and you will enjoy the best iPTV server in the Nordic countries.


Below you will find common prices for an iptv subscription with the usual channels. The prices below are calculated without iptv boxes, where you simply buy a subscription instead. Once you have purchased such a channel package, you can then stream live through your Apple & Android app, or via your Smart TV.

For those of you who are unsure about devices that iptv works on, we have articles on how it works on Smart TV, Apps and Google ChromeCast as well as Apple TV. If you are thinking of getting a box with remote control instead, you have a complete guide on boxes. For more information about which channels are included, you can find the channel list here. If you are looking to find out who is the test winner, you will find it in our best in test.

PrimeStreams IPTV the Best IPTV provider in 2020:

1 Year IPTV Subscription 9000 + channels. on PrimeStreams IPTV you get 9000 premium channels, of which over 400 US TV channels, for the price of 9 eurps a month for the subscription only. 9000 Channels – Cannot be any channel not included in this package.


Advantages of PrimeStreams IPTV service

  • Impressive catalog of channels (over 1000, including a hundred French-speaking!)
  • Compatible with all players (software, smartphones, tablets, smart tv, living room media player …)
  • Works everywhere. All you need is internet access
  • Inexpensive, 6 euros per month for a one-year subscription
  • A fixed price for the whole offer. You have automatic access to everything
  • Available, efficient and fast technical support
  • Continuous improvement of services and offer
  • Quick intervention and repair of broken chains or any other technical problem
  • Not linked to a specific decoder brand or operator
  • There are good quality living room media players for less than 50 euros
  • Numerous thematic channels (sport, cinema, travel, news …)
  • An increasing number of channels. We regularly add channels without additional cost on the subscription

What do you need to use PrimeStreams IPTV

  • You need a stable and sufficiently efficient Internet connection (minimum 5 Mbit, ideally 10 Mbit)
  • When used via WiFi, the signal from the latter must be correct and without disconnections
  • You perform the installation and configuration of your player whatever it is. Nevertheless we are there to help you in case of concern 😉
  • Sometimes a channel is unavailable. It never lasts long. We are constantly monitoring the state of services.