Gen 2 IPTV


Gen IPTV a worldwide online IPTV subscription service provider.We provide high quality TV channels covering France, UK, USA, Canada, Portugal, Albania, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Romania, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Latin American countries, Arab countries and almost every country in the world.

THOUSANDS OF  USA TV channels UK & Canada:

GenIPTV World IPTV Premium +12000 Channels +50000 Vod and Series in SD, HD and FHD Stable Fast Zapping EPG Reseller Customer service 7/365. Your Gen IPTV subscription will offer you many international channels such as French, American, English, Arab channels, and many others …
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Your Gen IPTV subscription will be available on devices such as your Smart TV, Phone, PC, Tablet, Xbox One, Android Box, Apple TV, MAG, etc …


Our customer service is available 7 days a week by e-mail or on our social networks and we will help you with the installation of your subscription.

Start with the safest and fastest IPTV, choose the Gen IPTV subscription plan that’s right for you!


GEN 2 IPTV server for German, Scandinavian & European TV channels:

Excellent IPTV service including German Channels in hd/fhd German Sky cinema all channels , German VOD, Series (updating) No Restreams Daily Refreshing EPG Support. Danish IPTV, Swedish IPTV, Norwegian IPTV and Scandinavian IPTV, we offer simple solution to watch Danish and Scandinavian TV channels. Skandinavisk IPTV giver dig muligheden for at se Dansk TV, svensk tv, norsk tv over internettet.


Will it work where I live?

Absolutely, our service only requires an internet connection to operate anywhere on earth.

I have the Kodi app, how do I get my m3u file to work on it?

To read the m3u file of your iptv subscription on Kodi, you need to install an Addon under the name of PVR iptv simple client.

Will you renew my subscription automatically?

We will contact you by email to renew your subscription once it is about to expire.

Why are some channels not working properly or I have no sound?

In some cases please check the media formats and codecs supported by Android. If your stream does not work directly in the application, it means that it is not supported by native Android codecs, so you will have to use an external application (For example: VLC player or MX player) Important! You must install one of the media players available in Google Play to play videos in your playlist. Some examples are VLC, MX Player etc. These media players automatically install codecs that allow you to play certain video and audio formats that are not supported by the native Android system.

Does your Gen IPTV service have an EPG (TV Guide)?

Yes, we have EPG for over 10,000 channels so you can view your electronic program guide.

How will I receive my subscription?

After making a payment, you will be contacted by email within an hour with your login credentials.

I have an Android Box, how can I benefit from your IPTV subscription?

There are several apps compatible with our IPTV subscription, with any order we will provide an m3u file link which can be read with almost all iptv apps that exist on Android, the best known are: Smart iptv, Iptv smarters, SS IPTV, Kodi , Ssiptv, VLC, MX player, Perfect player iptv, Gse Smart iptv…

Can I share my access with someone else?

A subscription can be used on multiple devices, but you can only watch it on one device at a time. However, you can pay for 2 connections and get 20% off.

Does your iptv subscription work with LG and Smasung Smart TVs?

Yes, our subscription is compatible with Smasung and LG Smart TVs and all other Smart TVs that work on Android, you just need to install an iptv app.

Can I use a VPN while watching your IPTV?

Yes, you can use a VPN but only if you will be connected to the same country. For example, if you are from UK then you can only use VPN to connect to UK server otherwise you will not be able to access your IPTV.

What is an iptv box?

Iptv in layman’s terms refers to Internet Protocol Television. The iptv box or the iptv box is indeed a device that gives the possibility of having access to several television channels around the world, pay and free, via an Internet connection. To benefit from these images, you must have a smart terminal, namely: smart TV, smartphone or any other device that allows access to the Internet. Regarding paid images, you can have them by subscribing to a subscription with a distributor. With your iptv box, you also have the possibility of receiving at the same time, the channels of the hertzian network (digital) and the channels of the satellite network.

Benefits and areas of application

A person holding a remote control in his hand. The iptv box gives its users the possibility of receiving television channels from around the world in their smart terminals. It is a gadget that has several advantages for its use. The IPTV box is not a piece of equipment designed for a specific target. Anyone can access it, as long as you have an established internet connection. It can be used on any smart terminal you have.

With the iptv box you will have the flexibility to select your favorite channels and watch them on time. VOD allows you to choose a program from the video library that you want to watch. You also have the option of recording programs that you will see later. Unlike TNT antennas, the iptv box is denser and less bulky. It does not require enough space to be installed. In addition, it has the ability to receive the signal of several television channels worldwide.

What types of iptv boxes are there?

Before moving on to testing the different products, we first thought to introduce you in this comparison to the types of iptv boxes that exist on the market. In fact, 03 varieties are currently available, namely: Boxes from service providers, Android TV boxes and Apple TV boxes.

Access provider boxes

Several providers now offer digital TV services through subscription offers integrated into a TV set-top box.

Android TV boxes

These types of boxes work like a computer that you have connected to your TV. This gives you the possibility to access games, applications and various TV channels with just one click.

The Apple tv box

It is a model with an intuitive and easy to use interface. It incorporates Siri voice assistance and also has 4K HDR compatibility. With 32 GB of memory, it also has Bluetooth and wifi connection.